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 World's Smallest Device
 Sub-5nm All-Around Gate FinFET
World smallest sub-5nm all-around gate FinFET with 3nm silicon-fin width were fabricated and reported (VLSI'06). These results show feasibility to continue the Moore's law beyond the sub-5nm using the silicon-based material.
 Sub-10nm SONOS Flash Memory
World smallest sub-10nm nanowire SONOS Non-volatile memory were were demonstrated (VLSI'07).
 Unified-RAM (URAM)
By combining a floating body and oxide/nitride/oxide stacked gate dielectric, the high speed DRAM operation and the non-volatile memory operation is realized in the single transistor. Especially, the DRAM operation is feasible without a cell capacitor by using the floating body capacitor. According to an end-users' demand, one can allocate each operation to utilize each advantageous function.
Low-Power consumption, high-speed operation, high-density integration, and long-retention
Bipolar/Asymmetric switching behavior of Ti oxide thin film