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 CNT Modification
 Bionic Surfaces Based on Hierarchical Microsphere/SWCNT Composite Array
Superhydrophobic bionic surfaces with hierarchical micro/nano structures were synthesized by decorating single-walled or multi-walled carbon nanotubes(CNTs) on monolayer polystyrene(PS) colloidal crystals using a wet chemical self-assembly technique.
 Self-Assemblies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon Surface
Perpendicularly aligning assemblies of shortened SWCNT on nonmetal substrate have been demonstrated using a wet chemical organization process by combining silanization with condensation reaction of the carboxylic group with the amino group.
 Nano Gap Transistor
 Planar Nano Gap Transistor
To overcome the limit of conventional silicon technology, we are focusing on the novel lithography method using biomolecules (DNA, protein, etc.) and ultra-high density nanogap device for peta-bit era
 Vertical Nano Gap Transistor
 Protein Chip
 Two Terminal Device