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8. Geon-Beom Lee, Choong-Ki Kim, Min-Soo Yoo, Jae Hur and Yang-Kyu Choi "Effect of Off-state Stress on Gate-Induced Drain Leakage by Interface Traps in Buried-Gate FETs", IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Just Accepted [PDF]

7. Ji-Man Yu, Jun-Young Park, Geon-Beom Lee, Joon-Kyu Han, Myung-Su Kim, Jae Hur, Dae-Hwan Yun, Seong-Yeon Kim and Yang-Kyu Choi "Demonstration of Thermally-Assisted Programming with High Speed and Improved Reliability for Junctionless Nanowire NOR Flash Memory", IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Just Accepted [PDF]

6. Jun-Young Park, Dae-Hwan Yun, and Yang-Kyu Choi "Curing of Hot-Carrier Induced Damage by Gate-Induced Drain Leakage Current in Gate-All-Around FETs", IEEE Electron Device Letters, Just Accepted [PDF]

5. Jun-Young Park, Geon-Beom Lee, and Yang-Kyu Choi "A Comparative Study of the Curing Effects of Local and Global Thermal Annealing on a FinFET", IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, Just Accepted [PDF]

4. Seung-Bae Jeon, Weon-Guk Kim, Sang-Jae Park, Il-Woong Tcho, Ik-Kyeong Jin, Joon-Kyu Han, Daewon Kim and Yang-Kyu Choi "Self-powered wearable touchpad composed of all commercial fabrics utilizing a crossline array of triboelectric generators", Nano Energy, Just Accepted [PDF]

3. Jae Kwon, Byung-Hyun Lee, Seong-Yeon Kim, Jun-Young Park, Hagyoul Bae, Yang-Kyu Choi and Jae-Hyuk Ahn "Nanoscale FET-based transduction toward sensitive extended-gate biosensors", ACS Sensors, Just Accepted [PDF]

2. Daewon Kim,˘Ó Weon-Guk Kim,˘Ó Ik- Kyeong Jin, Hongkeun Park, Sung-Gap Im, and Yang-Kyu Choi "A Study of the Charge Distribution and Output Characteristics of an Ultra-Thin Tribo-Dielectric Layer", Nano Energy, Vol. 62, pp. 458-464, ˘ÓThese authors equally contributed to this work. [PDF]

1. Hagyoul Bae˘Ó, Daewon Kim˘Ó, Myungsoo Seo, Ik Kyeong Jin, Seung-Bae Jeon, Hye Moon Lee, Soo-Ho Jung, Byung Chul Jang, Gyeongho Son, Kyoungsik Yu, Sung-Yool Choi, and Yang-Kyu Choi "Bioinspired Polydopamine-based Resistive Switching Memory on Cotton Fabric for Wearable Neuromorphic Device Applications,", Advanced Materials Technologies, Just Accepted, ˘ÓThese authors equally contributed to this work. [PDF]