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Name   Hwon Im       [Resume]
Research   Feb. 09 - present
Bio-mimetic surface modification
E-Mail   hwon_im_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Byeong-Woon Hwang       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 15 - present
Device simulation and modeling
E-Mail   alephpela_at_kaist.ac.kr

Name   Choongki Kim       [Resume]
Research   Jan. 14 - present
E-Mail   ckkim_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Hagyoul Bae       [Resume]
Research   Feb. 14 - present
Transient Electronics & Fibertronics
Organic/Inorganic RRAM
a-IGZO Thin-Film Transistor
Nano CMOS (Si & Ge materials)
E-Mail   hybae_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Jae Hur       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 13 - present
Device simulation and modeling
Device fabrication
E-Mail   jhur_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Sang Jae Park       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 13 - present
Energy harvesting
E-Mail   sjpark_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Seung-Bae Jeon       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 13 - present
New Memory
Triboelectric Nano Generator
E-Mail   sbjeon_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Jun-Young Park       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 14 - present
Thermal analysis and characterization of semiconductor devices
E-Mail   jypark_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Da-Jin Kim       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 14 - present
Transferrable device and SERS
E-Mail   djkim_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Myungsoo Seo       [Resume]
Research   Mar.16 - present
E-Mail   msseo_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr

Name   Seong-Yeon Kim       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 16 - present
E-Mail   sykim_at_nobelab.kiast.ac.kr

Name   Myung-Su Kim       [Resume]
Research   Mar. 15 - present
Plasma device
E-Mail   mskim_at_nobelab.kaist.ac.kr