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NOBEL (Nano Oriented Bio-Electronic Lab.) persues commercial development of nano-bio electrical devices based on reliable silicon manufacturing techniques with new structure, new material, new technology.
NOBEL developed Double-gate FinFET, silicon MOSFET, first in the world and keep a world record of smallest semiconductor device with 15nm gate length Double-gate FinFET in 2001. The FinFET technology which is developed first in university transferred to top semiconductor companies (Samsung, Intel, IBM, AMD, TI, Motorola, TSMC). This is successful industry-university co-work model.
Many nanofabrication techniques have developed in the process of making sub-10nm structure and every techniques have infinite possibilities. NOBEL is developing many devices using these techniques.
 Our current research focuses on :
 Novel MOSFET structures such as UTBFET and FinFET, nanofabrication technology for bio-electronics, NEMS, and investigation of quantum phenomena for nanoscale CMOS. 
 Device which can detect antigen-antibody reaction and DNA sequence using nanogap capacitor. 
 Hypersensitive Bio-sensor and chemical-sensor using nano-scale semiconductor structure. 
 Catalyst research device using metal-nanowire and nanodot. 
 Biotransplantable device using large scale integrated nanopillar which remarkably decrease resistance between cell and electronic device.